Finally, BA(Hons) Fashion Retail Management!

This month was finally the time for us, final year students, to finish up what we have started three years ago.. We did our final year project by creating a business plan and dissertation worth 13k words in total. Was it tough? Hell yeah.. But everything seems worth it when we finally showcased our works in front of other colleagues and masses.

We were supposed to prepare our final project for Graduate Fashion Week and BIAD shows that happened just beginning of this month. We were excited to prepare this as a lot of important people from fashion industry will come and the chance to meet our potential employer would be much bigger.

Here you go some shots from Graduate Fashion Week and BIAD shows 2013 happening few weeks ago.

2013-06-03 22.42.142013-06-05 19.44.072013-06-05 20.28.242013-06-05 20.06.192013-06-05 19.52.54

Looking at other students’ works really made me feel so.. small. Most of them did incredibly great job in presenting their ideas and talents through their business & marketing plan as well as fashion collections. It was a bless that I had a chance to visit GFW this year as it inspire me a lot in terms of how designers outpour their ideas into real designs and how tough it must have been to produce such a beautiful, almost-flawless works. I saw & compared other students’ works who did similar project to us from other universities.. They did great but at some point I think me and classmates still did better than them (..pardon my supercilious). But on the other hand other students from Northumbria university, for example, fascinated me because of their patience in small details of work and also their individual project that represent each of the student’s interest and talent.

BIAD Show 2013

BIAD show was happened a week after GFW where each of us had our own space to showcase our works to family and friends at the Uni. It was a great opportunity for family to see where their girls have been going all these years and literally it was the time when parents could actually see where their money went to. But not for my parents though. Too bad.

Anyway, I was still happy as my so loving friends came to support me during our show and they even brought me pweety flowers to celebrate the day. Only the best students got flowers from teachers but that day I got flowers too! *big thanks guys!*

Snap snap of my works here…

2013-06-10 18.40.172013-06-10 18.41.152013-06-10 18.42.152013-06-10 18.40.362013-06-10 18.40.47

Just to let you know, the result from the past 10 months studying in BCU was out today! I am finally entitled to Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion Retail Management with Second Class achievement. I was at first disappointed to myself as the first term dragged down my overall mark, but so happy that I achieved First Class for the dissertation & business plan itself. Praise the Lord! 🙂

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